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The energy sector is undergoing a rapid transition towards more efficient and eco-friendly energy. At Verdo Energy, we are proud to be taking part in driving this transition. We are driven by a passion for constantly doing things better. Striving to give you better and greener energy. And to meet your need for alternative energy sources with new and innovative solutions. This is not only common sense and good for your bottom line, but will also help ensure the future for all of us. Read more about the services that translate our passion for the industry and the profession into better energy solutions for you.

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Verdo Energy is a turnkey supplier of energy plants, including biomass-fired plants, waste plants, heat pumps, mobile units, combi plants and flue gas cleaning plants. Professional consultancy, quality and high reliability are keywords, irrespective of which plant you choose.

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Verdo Energy is in charge of the servicing and operation of CHP plants and energy plants at a number of locations. We offer the same service to you. We set specific KPIs for operations and identify and optimise areas of poor performance, and our dedicated team of technicians ensure that your energy production is as efficient as possible.

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Correct installation is essential for successful start-up and operations when investing in a new energy plant. Our fitters specialise in installing all types of energy plants as well as complex pipe installations for steam, heating and waste systems.

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We are one of the largest distributors of biofuels in Northern Europe. With our strong position, we offer the best prices, security of supply and uniform quality.

Cases and customers

Maribo Heating Plant

A new wood chip boiler plant has future-proofed Maribo heating plant in addition to achieving an efficiency of 123% and fuel savings of more than DKK 1 million a year.

Langå Heating Plant

The result of a creative solution: Efficiency increased to 109% and reduced operating costs at Langå heating plant.

Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant

The installation of a 1MW biomass-fired plant at Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant has optimised district heating production significantly and reduced prices for consumers.

A partner with a 360-degree focus on your energy. It's true – we support you all the way.

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Bo Johansen

Sales Director | Energy Solutions

Morten Grøn

Business Developer

Andrzej Ligenza

Sales Manager

Oksana Sołtykiewicz

Sales Support Specialist

Monika Kądziela

Sales Support Leader

Erik Mikkelsen

Chief Project Manager | Energy solutions

Jacek Kalita

Office Manager Poland

Ole Andersen

Project Manager and Product Specialist | biomass, heatpumps

Steen Bak

Project Manager and Product Specialist | waste to energy

Martin Rubæk

Project Engineer

Vagn Kirkeby Andreasen

Project Manager

Kasper Bang-Petersen

Project Manager and Product Specialist | solar, gas, oil

Jesper Christensen

Project Engineer

Anders Hansen


Kenneth M. Christensen

Technical Designer

Hans Kofoed Richter

Mechanical Engineer

Nicolai Hermansen

Project Manager

Konrad Duda

Senior Project Engineer

Paweł Dąbrowski

Senior Project Engineer

Tomasz Kiniorski

Senior Project Engineer

Piotr Prucnal

Project Engineer

Elzbieta Sliwa

Technical Documentation Specialist

Barbara Różalska

Junior Project Engineer

Adrian Graczak

Senior Constructor

Krzysztof Głazek


Łukasz Rogala


Piotr Rokoszny

Senior Constructor

Max Pehrson Frederiksen

Chief Service Manager

Niels Christian Jørgensen

Service Manager

Hans Larsen

Service Technician

Gert Jensen

Service Technician

Johnny Arnth Petersen

Senior Technician

John Sørensen

Senior Technician

Martin Petersen

Senior Technician

Christian Hansen

Senior Technician

Kasper Bøgeskov Sørensen


David Bang-Petersen

Technical sales responsible

Allan Petersen

Commissioning Engineer

Lars Liboriussen

Chief Project Manager | Automation

Rico Jacobsen

Electrical Engineer | Automation

Thomas Post

Technical Maintenance Manager

Thomas Post

Technical Maintenance Manager

Jakob Hannibal Jensen

Installation Manager

Jesper Thillemann Petersen

Electrical Installation Manager

Benny Carlsen

Project Manager

Jesper Traumer

Project Engineer

Søren Dahl

Production Engineer

Benny Corneliusen

Bioenergy Manager | Wood chips

Mads Faaborg

Head of Coal Trading

Mette Brandt

Bioenergy Manager | Wood pellets, wood briquettes, alternative biofuels

Alistair McGlynn

Managing Director | Fuel and biomass, United Kingdom

Thomas Bornerup

Division Director | Fuel and biomass

Paul Selders

Consultant | Fuel and commodities

Henrik Bøgh Nielsen

Division Director | Energy solutions

Thomas Bornerup

Division Director | Fuel and biomass

Bo Johansen

Sales Director | Energy Solutions

Michael Schack Frederiksen

Senior Consultant

Hans Jørn Petersen

Finance Manager

Erik Mikkelsen

Chief Project Manager | Energy solutions

Max Pehrson Frederiksen

Chief Service Manager

Thomas Post

Technical Maintenance Manager

Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard

Administration Manager | Fuel and biomass

Morten Bo Spinding

Operations Manager | Fuel and biomass