Strategy and Vision

We create sustainable energy which makes a world of difference

We are leading the transitioning from black to green energy – we have done it ourselves in our utility business and are helping others do the same through trading of sustainable biomass and developing sustainable technologies for other utilities and industry across Northern Europe. Verdo's raison d'être can be found in the midst of this transition.

We create sustainable energy which makes a world of difference.


  • We create commercial growth which ensures attractive prices on water and district heating
  • We develop Verdo as a profitable, sustainable, independent and growing business
  • Every day we contribute in order to:
    • ensure that Verdo has a solid financial foundation
    • develop Verdo as a good workplace with headquarters in Randers where new and exciting jobs are created
    • promote sports, culture and other social activities 

We behave properly

  • We see things from the customer's perspective
  • We treat each other with confidence and respect
  • We are always one step ahead


How we take responsibility

  • We create and sell sustainable energy and solutions for the benefit of people, the environment and Verdo
  • We take initiatives that support commitment, job satisfaction and safety of our employees
  • We work actively with diversified recruitment
  • We work actively to educate the workforce of the future
  • We promote sports, culture and social activities
  • We run a responsible business according to sound principles, in an ethical and proper manner
  • We initiate initiatives that reduces CO2
  • We support UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development