Responsibility is the heart of Verdo's activities

Verdo takes responsibility for our climate, environment and employees with the aim that our work benefits both Verdo as a business and the world we are part of. Our CSR strategy is deeply rooted within the business and the principles are based on our vision, mission and values. Our values fall under the heading "We conduct ourselves responsibly", which also applies to CSR.

The progress of Verdo to constantly raise the bar for our sustainability is inspired by the principles of UN sustainable development goals. This also includes international conventions of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anticorruption. Sustainable energy is our core area of focus – and a natural focus point of everything we do. We create sustainable solutions – with a strong focus on efficiency and lowest possible cost of energy. We constantly strive to optimize and innovate our own energy production as one of the largest utilities in Denmark. Today Verdo is also a trusted partner helping other energy companies, heavy industry and business across Northern Europe on their sustainable energy needs and opportunities. In Denmark, we had focus on abundant and clean drinking water since the 18th century and we are among the leading water utilities today where we are also offering our services to all other water utilities in Denmark– at a low cost for the society.

Orderliness is guiding value of Verdo – we act to balance environment, social aspects and business in everything we do

Verdo's principles of responsibility

  • We create green energy and sustainable solutions
  • We select solutions that benefit both the environment, society and Verdo
  • We facilitate initiatives to promote employee involvement and safety
  • We support the sport, the culture and other social activities in the local communities, where we are present
  • We manage our business based on sound and responsible principles and takes responsibility for the society which we are part of