Business Areas

Verdo Energy

Verdo Energy is formed as a merger between Verdo and Industrivarme 2016 - since many more specialists have joined the team. All together we have more than 100 years of experience in energy.  We work together to ensure greener and more efficient energy based on a 360-degree understanding of your energy needs. Our services include everything from consulting, establishing and operating all types of power and heating plants from solar to biomass.

Verdo Trading

Verdo Trading was among the first trading companies to deliver high volumes, high quality and low cost biomass as the first CHP plants converted from coal to biomass almost 20 years ago. Today, we are a leading trader and supplier of biomass to the largest utilities in Northern Europe. We handle the full supply chain securing also environmental and social aspects of biomass production – and secures timely deliveries to fuel the green energy production.

Verdo Renewables

Since 2008 Verdo has supported the growth of biomass as the most attractive renewable energy source for both heating and power production in the UK. Today we are the market leader in distribution of high quality and low cost biomass to both companies, public buildings and private consumers. We constantly innovate our value chain - from digital ordering, innovative distribution and backed by personal customer service.

Carbon Partners

Founded in 1983, Carbon Partners is today the leading global sourcing specialist for raw materials to electrometallurgical industries, such as low ash coals, semicokes and petcoke. We are a strong international trader and logistics partner, but just as importantly we utilize our know-how for technical consulting is a natural part of the business relationship. Oh… these raw materials are what makes it possible to produce solar panels and touch screens

Verdo Water

Verdo Water’s ambition is to ensure a world-class drinking water supply. Nothing less. Based on five of our very own waterworks, twenty-one drillings and one of Denmark's most high-tech water supplies, we offer our expertise in consulting, water analysis, pipeline and leakage, digital management and operation monitoring, thermography and customer management to all water works in Denmark.

Verdo Teknik

In Verdo Teknik we have gathered all the technical skills needed for putting energy to use – from installation and service of electricity to plumbing and lighting. With more than 150 highly specialized technicians and departments across Denmark, we are ready to handle any technical task - from large-scale contracts for servicing companies and public services, such as the operation and maintenance of street and traffic lights.

Verdo Forsyning

Verdo own and operate utilities in Denmark making sure that 70,000 consumers and companies receive environmentally friendly electricity, abundant clean water and district heat at a competitive price. The knowledge we constantly acquire, we share with our colleagues in the industry, so together we can secure a world-class supply in Denmark. The ambition is set – sustainable, cheap and high security for the future.