About Verdo

International energy group with focus on sustainable solutions

Although +100 years old, Verdo is a modern company with a focus on the future. Each day we focus our passion on becoming the greenest and most efficient energy group. We are privately owned – by ourselves – and pay no divided – all our efforts go to our vision of creating an abundant supply of green sustainable energy through innovative solutions.

In Denmark, we play a pivotal role as utility, a multi-utility you might say – spanning telecommunication, electricity, water and heating.

Internationally we are a leading trader and supplier of biomass to the largest utilities and their combined heat and power plants when converted from coal. Our high quality has ensured that Verdo has become a renowned premium brand in many countries with direct end-user web-shops, nationwide distribution backed by a personal customer service organisation.

Our newest strategic focus is a consolidation in the sector to create a leading one-stop partner on renewable energy technology from idea through build and operation to maintenance - we call this business Verdo Energy.

Verdo has 500 employees and an annual turnover of DKK 2.4 billion